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Welcome to Viginia Tech

There are a large number of Virginia Tech faculty members carrying out research with microorganisms. These faculty members are located in several different departments and their locations reflect to a large extent the diversity of their research interests. You will find research being carried out in microbial ecology; in the relationship of microorganisms to diseases in plants, animals, and humans, as well as to bioterrorism and emerging diseases; in the problems associated with microorganisms in food; in the many roles microorganisms play in agriculture; and in the fundamental nature of the microbial cell, to name just a few.

Due to the diverse nature of Microbiology research, students accepted into the VA Tech Microbiology Graduate program have the opportunity to spend "lab rotation" time in three different research labs around campus during their first semester. They then choose the lab in which they will carry out their Ph.D. dissertation research and enter the graduate program of that department. All students admitted into the program are supported with a monthly stipend with tuition fully paid.

The study of Micorbiology

The study of the biology of microorganisms has a long tradition at Virginia Tech. In fact, the first advanced degree given at the university was awarded in bacteriology in 1891. If you are searching for a university where you can enhance your scientific career by undertaking postgraduate research toward a PhD degree, you will find that Virginia Tech can offer you exciting and rewarding options.

Join 30,000 students, about 6800 of them in graduate programs, and 1500 faculty in beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia to begin preparation for your career in Microbiology.

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